S t a y t u n e ! . . .

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Freemasons ft. Sophie Ellis Bextor ~ Heartbreak

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Shot of the Month! : May

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DSC00176111111Location : Exam Hall, Multimedia University

Its all papers this month & the word ” EXAM” keeps flyin arond my head But i dont seem to eat it!. Well how nice i could be a bug chewing papers in, like Mr.Hoper here,  that would be plain great to call it an exam”

Well then Best wishes to all having exams this month, May it bring all the very best in you. Good Luck & Tc.

Lushes Grace : 4-Door Bugatti Veyron

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Lushes Grace thats what comes to my mind , looking at it!@_@.

This bloody machine is Flagging Hott!! I can’t say even more by looking at it! simple as that! And hell it’s in my favorite color!, damn! feel like visualizing it everytime when I just cant sleep or shut my eyes off, hugging it all day(Dreaming). Its too holy for me to even touch it or ride it/drivin it!.


Aww… just look at that!

“With the £900,000, 253mph Veyron 16.4 already crowned the world’s most expensive and fastest supercar.”

“With the same 987bhp and 1,250Nm of torque, the Royale should cover 0-100kmg in three seconds and hit a 402kmh top speed, making it the fastest four-seater in the world.”

Being Dope!…

Japanese Scientists Say Tripods Increase Camera Shake

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Scientists at the Nishi Lab of the University of Electrocommunications have developed a tool which measures camera shake. The surprise is that putting the camera on a tripod can actually make things worse.

The measurements were designed to check the effects of mirror slap and shutter vibration in SLR cameras. Vibration caused by the mirror is well known — as the mirror flips up to let light onto the sensor of film, it shakes the camera and — according to the Nishi Lab — lowers resolution by up to 75%. Higher-end cameras combat this with mirror lock-up modes which get the mirror out of the way and let the camera settle down before shooting.

A bigger surprise was the effect of the shutter vibration, which affects the picture even when the mirror is locked up. And even more surprising were finding that a cheap tripod actually adds to the problem, vibrating along with the shutter and mirror to blur an image. The tripod used wasn’t specified (other than the weight which was “under 1.5Kg”, or 3.3lbs). The problem was seen with image stabilization and without, and was actually worse with the feature switched on (which is why, unless there is a “tripod mode”, most manufacturers advise switching the function off when not shooting handheld).

The measurements, which are taken by examining an LCD display, tell us the amount and direction of the shake, which could actually be compensated for. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this popping up in top-of-the-range cameras in the next year or so. Until then, make sure you buy a decent tripod.


Stealth New look : VW Golf Polo

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I just gotto say this This Car looks Superbly !!! delicious in Red (not my color Bluek ;p)

Comparing the old & new, it was like centuries back kinda design,and here now bravo to Volkswagen tweaking it into modern taste of art. They typically inherit that breed design from The Concept Volkswagen Scirocco then imply it on the Golf GTI. Whereby within that same family, they manage to pull off a all around more masculine and stealth look on this babe .new-vw-polo3
It seems wider n lower just as the Golf GTI MK5, mostly thanks to its new more rigid chassis. Im just liking this then the new Golf GTI Mk6, it looks more buff & fierce/serious and its clean cut form the back. It resembles more of  my ex’ favorite Ford focus breed unlike now box-ish kinda shell look.new-vw-polo

Bet the GTi spec would be more aggressive then current Golf GTi.

Make It Happen

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make_it_happen1Hot chicks Hot Dance! but Lame Storyline..

A so so story with those Hot moves!,its more of a Cayote Ugly hybrid Step Up2 kinda. No doubt that the main chick/actress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) nail her act in this movie (lol) where im still dreaming rite now. Talkin about those move, im just drooling all the way especially that umbrealla dance! part @_@ .

Great tracks  such as :

  • Teach Me How To Dance(our) Che’Nelle
  • Just Dance -Lady GAGA <—-of all song? typical .
  • Shawty Get Loose – Lil Mama ft. T Pain & Chris Brown
  • Bottoms Up – Keke Palmer
  • Beware Of The Dog – Jamelia <– Hot Part! 

If Step Up 2 was  ■■■■■■■. 9/10

then this ermm : ■■■■■■■□ 7/10

for this Chick  : ■■■■■■■□ 9/10 { she is innocently hot! Cant help it!}

PS: owh yeah featuring one of the Pussycatdolls .